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Fleshjack Shopping - Ordering Fleshjacks at Fleshjack.com

The best way in which to buy Fleshjack products is to purchase them directly from the Fleshjack producer ILF at the company's official online shop (Fleshjack.com). There are a number reasons for this.

First, this is the only place where it is possible to buy all Fleshjack products and where all newly released Fleshjack products are immediately available for purchase. What's more, all the products are always in stock because this, of course, is the place where the Fleshjack products are produced (at the Fleshjack factory).

And last but certainly not least, the Fleshjack manufacturer frequently offers special sales and discounts on its official shop website and this is the only location where you can accumulate so-called Fleshbucks, which can bring you savings of 10-25% upon purchase.

For its customers in Europe, the Fleshjack manufacturer ILF opened a new Fleshjack factory in Sevilla, Spain in mid-2010. All Fleshjack products for the European market are now manufactured there and are now distributed by the European Fleshjack shop (Fleshjack-International.eu). This development is great news for European customers because it significantly shortens the delivery time while slashing shipping costs and purchases can now be made in Euro rather than USD. So now, when attempting to log onto Fleshjack.com (the American shop) from a European country, don't be surprised when you are redirected to Fleshjack-International.eu (the European shop).

I have, of course, often ordered Fleshjack products directly from the manufacturer and, based on my experiences, have compiled for you the Shopping Guide presented below.

Fleshjack.com - Add to Shopping Cart

Instructions: Shopping at the Fleshjack Online Store

When you a find a Fleshjack product you want to buy at Fleshjack.com, you can place it into your shopping cart by pressing the "Add to Shopping Cart" button. Doing so forwards you to the shopping cart page, where you can view the list containing the selected Fleshjack item.

A savings tip - If you already have a Fleshjack case and want to buy a new Fleshjack Original insert (or sleeve), it is possible to buy only the insert (or sleeve) without buying the case it typically comes with. This saves you $20, the cost of a case that you already have. The sleeve-only products are sold under the name Fleshjack Sleeves.

Fleshjack Purchase
You can place additional products into your shopping cart, or remove them from it, at any time. To continue shopping, make a selection from the menu at the top of the page or press the "Continue Shopping" button located in the bottom left-hand corner. This sends you back to the shop and you can then add additional items to your order. To finalize your purchase, press the "Proceed to Checkout" button, which forwards you to the next page.

Fleshjack Order Checkout
1) Address and Shipping
In this section, you enter your shipping and billing address, phone number and email address into the corresponding fields and then you need to check the check box with the red highlighted text below to confirm that you are at least 18 years old. The UPS shipping costs are then calculated according to the address to which the package is to be shipped.

If the total amount of your order is more than $100, then shipping provided by UPS Ground is free of charge within the continental United States. If the amount of your order comes to just under $100, it is highly advisable to add something rather inexpensive to the order (maybe some lube, fleshwash or renewing powder) in order to push the bill just over $100 and get the shipping for free.

2) Payment Method
The next step is to select the payment method. It is possible to pay by credit card, money order or check. If you live in Europe, you also have the option to pay through ClickandBuy. The quickest way is by credit card or ClickandBuy because the money is immediately transferred and the order can then be shipped right away. On the other hand, paying by money order or check is more complex thus delaying delivery and for this reason, I have no experience with it.

3) Coupon Code Field
The Coupon Code / Gift Card field appears below the method of payment fields. A valid coupon code, which can be used to lower the total amount of the order, is entered into the field.

4) Opening a Customer Account
You can open a customer account for yourself by entering a password of your choice. Your account will then be created and you will be able to access it after you complete your order. You can then monitor the status of the order on the account and you won't have to enter your personal data every time you submit future orders. Rest assured that, for reasons of security, your credit card data is never saved on your customer account. Perhaps the greatest advantage of having a customer account is the possibility to accumulate so-called "Fleshbucks" that can bring you savings of up to 25% of the total amount when placing a future order using the same account.

Opening a customer account is optional but it is certainly recommended that you do. Yes, it is possible to place an order as a "guest" (by leaving the two password fields blank) but then you will not be able to reap any advantages and you will not be able to collect Fleshbucks.

5) Reviewing an Order
After you have filled in all the necessary information, press the "Review Order" button. This calls up another window, an example of which is depicted below.

Review Fleshjack Order
You can again review all your order details in this window and, by pressing the "Update Order" button, make any necessary changes or additions. Once you have finalized your order, press the "Process and Checkout" button and, by so doing, complete the order process.

Post-Purchase - Email Notifications, Delivery Time, Packaging

After you submit your order, the Fleshjack manufacturer will send you a "Welcome to Our Site" email confirming that your customer account has been opened (assuming you created a customer account as part of the ordering process). The email will contain the name and email address information you entered for reasons of checking and record-keeping. By entering that email address along with the password you chose, you will then be able to access your customer account at the Fleshjack.com website.

You then will receive a second email from the Fleshjack producer containing the order confirmation (with the subject "Order Complete") where your full order is again listed. This email will also let you know how many Fleshbucks have been credited to your customer account through the placing of your order (assuming of course that you created an account).

It is my experience that the process of payment verification, the packaging of ordered goods and the collection of the parcel by UPS typically takes (on weekdays) some 6-12 hours. Because of course nobody at the Fleshjack offices works on weekends, if you place an order late on Friday or on Saturday or Sunday, your order will be processed on Monday.

Once UPS scans your package upon collection from the Fleshjack factory, the delivery firm will send you an email containing the tracking number of your package along with a link to their company website. Using the link, you will be able to monitor the delivery route of your parcel.

The delivery time, from the time at which the package is collected from the Fleshjack factory, is roughly 4-5 working days within the continental US (the American shop) and roughly 3-6 working days in continental Europe (the European shop). The email from UPS always contains the scheduled delivery date.

Fleshjack Package
In a couple of days, a UPS delivery man will come to your door and hand you a totally normal-looking brown cardboard package from "ILF Inc., 4401 Freidrich Lane, Building 4, Ste. 400, Austin, Texas 78744 USA" (the American shop) or, if you place your order at the European shop, "FLI, Torre de Los Herberos 23, 41703 Sevilla/Dos Hermanas, SPAIN". Your Fleshjack parcel affixed with the UPS sticker will resemble the parcel in the photo above.

That's all there is to it. So now, unpack your Fleshjack and enjoy! Happy shopping at the official Fleshjack online shop: Fleshjack.com