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Reviews - Fleshjack Boys Inserts - the Inner Canal Textures

The inner canal textures presented below are available with the "Fleshjack Boys" products. Fleshjack Boys masturbators are designed and developed especially for gay men and are available in butt and mouth versions. The orifices are molded from famous gay porn stars and each Fleshjack Boy has an exclusive inner texture, which is combinable only with the boy's personal butt opening.

The Squeeze canal is the standard texture of all FJ Boys and can be combined with any butt orifice. The Swallow canal is also a standard texture but, unlike the Squeeze texture and the other personal textures, it is only available in combination with a Fleshjack Boys mouth orifice.

Fleshjack Boys Bliss Texture (Brent Corrigan)

Fleshjack Boys Bliss Texture

With the Bliss canal, the Fleshjack manufacturer ILF has developed yet another masterpiece. The inner texture provides an extremely intense and varied stimulation experience, which quickly leads to a powerful orgasm. Although the Brent Corrigan Fleshjack is designed especially for gays, straight guys shouldn't pass up the Bliss canal because very few inner canals are able to provide such a perfect combination of differing stimulation types, varied degrees of tightness and optimal suction.

Overall Rating: Fleshjack Boys Bliss Review

Fleshjack Boys Ecstasy Texture (Brent Everett)

Fleshjack Boys Ecstasy Texture

The Ecstasy canal provides an effective penis massage with frequent alternation of gentle and heavy stimulations, accompanied by a steadily increasing and decreasing tightness sensation. The overall stimulation is additionally enhanced by a vigorous suction effect. This canal is recommendable for experienced Fleshjack/Fleshlight users as well as for beginners and Brent Everett fans certainly need not hesitate to buy.

Overall Rating: Fleshjack Boys Ecstasy Review

Fleshjack Boys Scorpio Texture (Pierre Fitch)

Fleshjack Boys Scorpio Texture

The Scorpio canal creates, thanks to its optimally arranged texture types, a marvelous and extremely varied stimulation. The front canal part stimulates rather gently and naturally and then the deeper you penetrate into the rear canal part, the more the intensity increases. In addition, the canal provides a pleasurable alternation of tightness and wideness along with a great suction effect. For fans of Pierre Fitch, this canal is an absolute must-have because it offers lots of masturbation pleasure and offers a completely unique world of stimulation.

Overall Rating: Fleshjack Boys Scorpio Review

Fleshjack Boys Vigor Texture (Kris Evans)

Fleshjack Boys Vigor Texture

The Vigor canal offers a relatively gentle enveloping stimulation whereby a dense mesh of diagonal ribs winds around the penis from both sides, resulting in a wonderful but rather mildly noticeable milking sensation. This texture is primarily something for Fleshjack newbies or for fans of lengthy masturbation sessions. If you would like to enjoy your Fleshjack for up to several hours and thus have full control over the timing of your ejaculation, this canal is the right choice for you.

Overall Rating: Fleshjack Boys Vigor Review

Fleshjack Boys Paradise Texture (Jean-Daniel Chagall)

Fleshjack Boys Paradise Texture

The stimulations of the Fleshjack Paradise canal brought about by the heavy double-rib texture provide a truly "paradisical" penis head massage with frequently alternating wideness and tightness. If you are faced with the choice of whether to buy the Paradise texture or the Wonder Wave texture, you should rather choose the Paradise insert because the doubled cross-ribs and their stimulation effects are much more noticeable.

Overall Rating: Fleshjack Boys Paradise Review

Fleshjack Boys Charmer Texture (Kevin Warhol)

Fleshjack Boys Charmer Texture

The Charmer insert is designed for connoisseurs of extremely intensive stimulations because the dense rib texture generates incredibly numerous massage impacts at very short time intervals that make the head of your penis "glow". You can't resist this heavy stimulation for long and thus ejaculation with this texture comes relatively quickly. If you want a pure (and bump-free) cross-rib texture with awesome stimulation capability and which provides an excellent suction effect, you will be very pleased with the Charmer canal.

Overall Rating: Fleshjack Boys Charmer Review

Fleshjack Boys Delight Texture (Dolph Lambert)

Fleshjack Boys Delight Texture

The Delight canal offers relatively mild stimulation with the there differing canal textures being only moderately noticeable. This canal has been developed especially for connoisseurs who are looking for a gently stimulating texture that can be enjoyed for hours without being "forced" to cum too soon. However, the Delight canal is also a good choice for Fleshjack beginners and for men with a particularly sensitive penis head.

Overall Rating: Fleshjack Boys Delight Review

Fleshjack Boys Eros Texture (Austin Wilde)

Fleshjack Boys Eros Texture

The Eros canal offers alternating tightness and wideness and creates, thanks to its bump and rib textures, an effective penis massage that is very rich in variety and is additionally accompanied by an outstanding suction effect. This canal is designed for maximum stimulation, opening up an entirely new world of stimulation that is of particular interest to experienced Fleshjack users.

Overall Rating: Fleshjack Boys Eros Review

Fleshjack Boys Untouched Texture (Cody Cummings)

Fleshjack Boys Untouched Texture

The extreme alternation between loose wideness and intense tightness brought about by the large chambers of the Untouched canal create many wonderful moderately intense massage impulses on the penis surface, which can be resisted for a longer time and which feel just like a real ass. The gently smooth stimulations of the rectangular bumps are indeed only subliminally noticeable but, as a result, feel less "synthetic" and enhance the level of realism. The Untouched canal is therefore especially recommended for Fleshjack newbies or for fans of realistic stimulations.

Overall Rating: Fleshjack Boys Untouched Review

Fleshjack Boys Tooleboxxx Texture (Samuel O'Toole)

Fleshjack Boys Tooleboxxx Texture

The Tooleboxxx canal creates a generally strong tightness sensation, which is intensely noticeable especially at the constrictions of the connection canals. In addition, the X-shaped bumps placed at these locations apply an exceedingly powerful massage effect on the head of the penis. Inside the slightly wider chambers with the rib texture, the penis becomes only mildly stimulated and that is exactly what provides the necessary contrast to ensure that the X-bumped canal constrictions are able to release their optimum stimulation power.

Overall Rating: Fleshjack Boys Tooleboxxx Review

Fleshjack Boys Squeeze Texture (All Boy Butts)

Fleshjack Boys Squeeze Texture

The Squeeze canal, thanks to the natural-like design of the inner texture, offers immensely realistic stimulation. Upon penetration, the relatively long and very tight entry passage provides a wonderful tightness sensation and the rear coiled canal creates, though its alternating counter-pressure, highly exhilarating smooth stimulation impulses which comes amazingly close to the real thing. If you are after a very realistic masturbation experience, the Squeeze insert is the best choice for you.

Overall Rating: Fleshjack Boys Squeeze Review

Fleshjack Boys Swallow Texture (All Boy Mouths)

Fleshjack Boys Swallow Texture

The Swallow canal convinces with its fantastically realistic stimulation effect, which feels very much like a real deep throat. It is very enjoyable to feel the lips of the mouth opening massaging the shaft of the penis while at the same time the penis head becomes intensively indulged by the heavy cross-rib texture. And last but not least, the overall stimulation is then perfected by an amazing suction effect. This canal texture has everything it takes to thrill and should not be missing in any serious Fleshjack collection.

Overall Rating: Fleshjack Boys Swallow Review