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Fleshjack Swallow Review

Review: Fleshjack Boys Mouth Swallow Texture

The Fleshjack Swallow canal has been developed for simulating the sensations of oral sex as realistically as possible and so the insert is shaped like a human throat. The Swallow canal is currently combinable with all of the mouth openings of the Fleshjack Boys product line and is thus available with the Mouth Fleshjacks of the Fleshjack Boy gay porn stars Pierre Fitch, Brent Corrigan, Joey Visconti, Brent Everett, Kris Evans, Kevin Warhol, Jean-Daniel Chagall, Dolph Lambert, Cody Cummings, Austin Wilde and Samuel O'Toole.

Update: Unfortunately, the production of all Fleshjack Boys Mouth orifices and of the Swallow texture has been discontinued by the Fleshjack manufacturer ILF. But the Mini-Swallow texture which is used inside the Sex in a Can - Banana Cream Soda is still available and a good alternative.

The inner canal starts with a relatively wide opening with a ring of six cubical bumps inside, followed by a very large chamber measuring 5.0 inches (or 13 cm) in length with a diameter of 0.6-0.8 inch (or 15-20 mm). The entire surface of the chamber is covered with a fairly distinctive and highly dense cross-rib texture (similar to the Super Ribbed canal). Next comes a cone-like widening with a second ring of six larger hemispherical bumps, which represents the end of the throat. The chamber then transverses into a very tight canal (0.4 inch/10 mm in diameter) with a smooth inner surface that extends through to the very end of the insert.

The penetration sensation is absolutely stunning, thanks especially to the wonderfully designed lips of the canal opening which slide marvellously gently over the surface of the penis. Next, several point-by-point stimulations created by the first bump ring become noticeable and then the penis head becomes intensively stimulated with very high frequency by the dense cross-ribs of the main chamber.

Finally, when the penis head reaches the rear cone-shaped end of the main chamber, it becomes encircled by the second ring of bumps. At this point, plenty of lube collects, releasing its stored warmness onto the head of the penis (provided you warmed up your lube beforehand), bringing about a very enjoyable and realistic sensation. Because a large amount of vacuum accumulates inside the chamber upon backward movements, an amazing sucking sensation soon emerges, perfectly topping off the overall stimulation. The chosen name for the canal Swallow is well deserved and is certainly not just an advertising gimmick.

You need a rather long penis (longer than 6 inches) to reach the rear 0.4 inch tight canal. With an average penis length, it is only possible to reach the end of the main chamber, thus hitting the exit of the chamber with the top of the penis Although the penetration from the wide main chamber into the tight canal is not as realistic as in the main chamber itself, it is still an extraordinary pleasure that you won't want to miss. If your penis is shorter than 6 inches, I would recommend opting for the Mini-Swallow texture (Banana Cream Soda) of the Jacks Soda Series (Sex in a Can) because there the transition from the chamber into the tight canal is situated a further 1 inch to the front, making the rear canal much more reachable.

The clean-up of the Swallow Texture is a bit arduous and you should briefly turn the insert inside out in order to clean it thoroughly. The drying time is also comparatively long, taking about 3-5 hours.


The Swallow canal convinces with its fantastically realistic stimulation effect, which feels very much like a real deep throat. It is very enjoyable to feel the lips of the mouth opening massaging the shaft of the penis while at the same time the penis head becomes intensively indulged by the heavy cross-rib texture. And last but not least, the overall stimulation is then perfected by an amazing suction effect. This canal texture has everything it takes to thrill and should not be missing in any serious Fleshjack collection.


Intensity 9/10 Realism 10/10
Stimulation 10/10 Suction 9/10
Variation 9/10 Lube Use 8/10
Penetration 10/10 Cleanup 5/10
Tightness 8/10 Dry Time 5/10
Overall Rating