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Fleshjack Pure Review

Review: Fleshjack Pure Texture

For those who would prefer their Fleshjacks to be more discreet, the Fleshjack producer ILF has developed the Fleshjack Pure. The "nondescript" opening is specially designed to prevent the curiosity of those - be they family members, flatmates, guests or others - who by chance may come across your Fleshjack. At a glance, the inconspicuous Fleshjack Pure looks nothing like a sextoy. As a result, this also makes the Fleshjack Pure an ideally discreet travel companion, allowing you to avoid awkward situations at border checks and security controls.

Despite the inconspicuous appearance, the inner part of the Fleshjack Pure has plenty to offer. The inner canal starts with an elongated 4 inch (or 10cm) chamber that continuously tightens toward the rear before disemboguing into a tight canal. The diameter of the canal narrows from 0.7-0.6 inch (or 18-16 mm) at the beginning to 0.4 inch (or 10 mm) at the rear. The surface of the canal is covered with three differing rib textures. The entrance has a comparatively widely dispersed zig-zag ribbed texture that transverses into a highly dense texture of cross-ribs. Experienced Fleshjack users will recognize these cross-ribs, as they have been taken from the Super Ribbed texture. The cross-ribs increase in width in the back part of the canal, creating a wave texture that is similar to that inside the Ecstasy texture.

Update: Unfortunately, the production of the Pure texture has been discontinued by the Fleshjack manufacturer ILF but the Pure orifice is still available for purchase combined with the Stamina Training texture.

The opening of the Fleshjack Pure was purposely designed to have an inconspicuous appearance, looking like a doughnut with pink glazing. The entrance of the canal, the shape of which resembles a funnel, tightens to 0.55 inch (or 14 mm) in diameter. Compared to other Fleshjack orifices, the opening of the Pure is rather loose but is thus easier to penetrate, particularly for guys with thicker dicks.

Although the canal diameter is relatively wide, penetration into the main chamber at the initial passageway is a great feeling. The zig-zag ribs gentle caress the glans with smooth and pleasurable effects. After penetrating deeper into the cross-ribbed texture, the subtleness fades as the high density of the rib texture in this part of the canal generates a noticeably intense massaging effect. The intensity of the stimulation increases the deeper you penetrate into the Pure canal as the tightness of the canal diameter increases toward the back, bringing about heightened counter pressure.

Guys with an average dick length (5.9 inches or 15 cm) will just be able to reach the start of the wide-wave texture in the tightest section of the canal (0.4 inch or 10 mm), located roughly at the midway point of the insert. These wide waves act as soft cushions that generate distinctive stimulations, more widely spread and less intense than the previous cross-ribbed texture.

Upon forward and backward movements, the three ribbed textures alternate, producing an extremely varied massaging effect that switches between "intense and tight" and "soft and wide." An ideally strong degree of suction accompanies the overall sensation that, in comparison to other Fleshjack inserts, ranks roughly in the top quarter.

Cleaning the Fleshjack Pure is relatively easy. Although some sperm and lube residue gathers between the ribs, it is easily rinsed away from the comparatively wide canal entrance. The drying time of 3-4 hours is about average.


The Fleshjack Pure offers an extremely diverse stimulation experience accompanied by an appropriate degree of suction. The massaging effect alternates between intense and gentle while the degrees of tightness within the canal vary. The Fleshjack Pure insert can be recommended for Fleshjack first-timers as well for regular Fleshjack customers. While the unique appearance of the opening may not appeal to everyone, there is no disputing the fact that it is discreet and inconspicuous-looking.


Intensity 7/10 Realism 6/10
Stimulation 9/10 Suction 8/10
Variation 10/10 Lube Use 8/10
Penetration 8/10 Cleanup 8/10
Tightness 8/10 Dry Time 7/10
Overall Rating