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How to use a Fleshjack masturbator (Proper Usage)

Each Fleshjack product is designed so that the manner of usage is clearly evident however a couple of helpful hints can be provided in order for you to enhance the stimulation and feeling of your Fleshjack. Below are the most important.

Fleshjack Plastic Tube - Removing the inner plastic tubing prior to first use

Before using your new Fleshjack for the first time, it is necessary to remove the plastic tubing from the inner canal because if you don't, you could hurt yourself if you hit against it. This plastic tube, which is affixed into all factory-new Fleshjacks, prevents the canal walls from becoming stuck together during warehousing and transport. You can simply remove the plastic tube and discard it.

Water-Based Lubricants - Use water-based lubes only

It is highly advisable to use a lubricant because if you don't, you will experience problems when penetrating your Fleshjack and moreover, the sensation will be far less enjoyable. In order for you to get the most realistic feeling out of your Fleshjack, the inside of the canal needs to be moist and slippery, just like a real lubed-up butt.

While there are many different types of lubes available, not all are suited for use of a Fleshjack. The Fleshjack insert's Super Skin material becomes damaged by oil-based as well as silicone-based lubricants. These types of lubes cause the surfaces to become sticky and less sightly and moreover, they reduce the material's tensile strength.

For this reason, you should never use anything other than a water-based lubricant. These types of lubes cannot harm the Fleshjack material in any way and also provide similarly effective gliding attributes.

Recommended lubes: FleshLube Water, Gun Oil H2O, ID-Glide

Fleshjack Heating - Warming up your Fleshjack insert and lubricant prior to use

In order to get the most realistic feeling possible, it is advisable to warm your insert and lube up to body temperature (98° F). Clearly a butt-hole with warmed lubricant feels far more realistic than a butt-hole at room temperature with cool lube.

In order to warm up your Fleshjack, put the insert (excluding the case) into a sink filled with hot water for 20 minutes. Because the insert rises to the top, you should keep it submerged in order to attain the best heating results. The best way to do this is to lodge a bottle of lube between the Fleshjack insert and the tap so that your insert remains completely submerged. Using this method, your lube is warmed up as well.

The water should be changed after ten minutes, by emptying the sink and refilling it with fresh hot water. After the full 20 minutes, your Fleshjack insert as well as the lubricant should be heated to the optimal level, which will be sustained for a substantial amount of time. You are now ready to place your Fleshjack insert into its casing and squirt the heated lubricant into the inner canal. That hot, moist butt-hole now awaits you.

Fleshjack connoisseurs and those who may find this process too laborious can opt to purchase a heating unit called Fleshjack SleeveWarmer. This heating device heats up your insert more quickly and easily.

Lube Amount - Adapting the amount of lubricant depending on the inner texture

It is not good to put too much lubricant into your Fleshjack. You should always take into consideration the specific inner texture when deciding how much lube to use.

Less textured inserts do not need nearly as much lube as more highly textured inserts. Using too much lube "over lubes" inner canal textures, rendering them less noticeable and reducing their intensity. As a result, it is advisable to place a lesser amount of lubricant in the canal at first, and add more later if necessary.

Fleshjack suction - How the small back cap is used to regulate suction

The suction of the inner canal is regulated by adjusting the back screw cap. If the cap is screwed on, vacuum is created when you penetrate the inner canal. The suction effect that the vacuum creates is noticeable upon backward movement.

When you screw on the back cap completely, the suction level reaches its maximum. The further the cap is unscrewed, the more the suction level is reduced. This allows you to alter the degree of suction according to your own personal taste and gives you the opportunity to experience the stimulation of your Fleshjack in a whole new way.

Hands-free use of Fleshjack masturbators

Is it especially enjoyable to use your Fleshjack without using your hands. When you don't use your hands to hold the Fleshjack case, the feeling is far more realistic - like when fucking a real butt. One option is to stick your Fleshjack between a pair of sofa cushions or a pair of mattresses. It is also possible to place your Fleshjack into a shoe so that it protrudes at a 45 degree angle.

And finally, it is possible to buy a Fleshlight Shower Mount, available from the Fleshjack manufacturer that is specifically designed to hold Fleshjacks.