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Fleshjack Sword Review

Fleshjack Sword Review - Squeezable Masturbator

With the release of the Fleshjack Sword, the Fleshjack producer ILF has once again proven itself as a leader in the field of masturbator development and innovation. This all-new concept breaks new ground in masturbator design, further confirming ILF's well-deserved position at the very forefront of its market segment.

While the basic structure is similar to that of a typical Fleshjack - very soft, skin-like material placed inside a case sealed on both ends by two caps - the real difference lies in the case. Unlike the cases of typical Fleshjacks that are made of hard plastic material, the case of the Fleshjack Sword is made of a special type of flexible rubber that is designed to be squeezed. This development breakthrough makes it possible to tighten the diameter of the Sword's inner canal, thus increasing the stimulation intensity level of the inner texture when and where you prefer.

The squeezing of the Sword case works remarkably well in practice, allowing you to freely adjust the intensity at the locations of your choice at any time during the masturbation session. The elasticity and consistency of the material can be compared to a soft, flexible rubber eraser. You can even feel your dick through the material of the casing and insert, making it easy for you to locate the most stimulating points on the surface of the casing.

To make the squeezing process as effective as possible, the Sword case is triangular in shape and, with length of 8.6 inches (or 22 cm), is slightly shorter than a typical Fleshjack case (that measures 9.8 inches or 25 cm) and a bit longer than a Sex in a Can (measuring 7.9 inches or 20 cm). The name "Fleshjack Sword" is derived from the appearance of the case, which is designed like a handle of a samurai sword.

Thanks to the shape of the sword shaft, the Fleshjack Sword sits in the hand perfectly and, thanks to its non-slip surface, it is extremely easy to handle. One potential drawback could be the conspicuous appearance of the Sword's case, which is not nearly as discreet as the "flashlight" look of an ordinary Fleshjack masturbator or the beer/soda pop can appearance of a Sex in a Can.

Because the soft Sword insert can be taken out of the case, the insert can be warmed up before use and easily cleaned afterwards. Compared to an ordinary Fleshjack insert, the canal walls are slightly thicker and the air chambers between the insert and the case are not as large. This combines to ensure that the comparatively strong counter pressure inside the inner canal is maintained, thus rendering a more pronounced tightness sensation than inside an ordinary Fleshjack (although somewhat less so than inside a Sex in a Can).

Because the Sword insert is triangular in shape, it's a tad more difficult to place it into its case than placing an insert into an ordinary Fleshjack. The best way proved to be placing the insert halfway into the casing and then grabbing it through the back hole and pulling it until properly positioned.

And by the way, it is also possible to place - with a bit of squeezing - ordinary Fleshjack inserts into the Sword case. Although this wasn't the intention of the producer and the fit isn't perfect, it does provide you the opportunity to experience your ordinary Fleshjacks with this unique squeezing feature and the accompanying increased tightness sensation.

Like ordinary Fleshjacks, the Sword case can be sealed with a big front cap and a small back cap. However, because the soft, elastic material of the Sword is not able to support screw threads, you can only stick the caps on rather than screw them on. The purpose of the big front cap is to protect the Sword insert against dirt, dust and other environmental elements when stored.

Unlike ordinary Fleshjacks and the Sex in a Can products, the small rear cap is not designed to regulate the suction inside the canal because the lack of screw threads renders this impossible. The cap can either be removed (the result of which is no suction) or left inside. If the cap is left inside the casing, the four small air holes at the rear of the casing create a mild but pleasant suction effect. A bit of air is able to flow out through these tiny holes, which is then drawn inside the Sword canal upon backward movements. Other pluses of the small back cap are easier insert cleanup and simpler placement of the insert back into its case.

Currently, the Fleshjack Sword is only available with a butt orifice and a multi-chambered bumped texture. However, if the new Sword concept catches on and gets positive reviews from Fleshjack customers, additional products with new textures and orifices could very well be released in the near future.

Update: Unfortunately, the production of the Fleshjack Sword has been discontinued by the Fleshjack manufacturer ILF.

Fleshjack Sword inner texture

The canal of the Fleshjack Sword is comprised of three large chambers covered with a soft bumped texture connected to each other by a pair of cross-ribbed passages, all of which is enclosed in a flexible case. The flexibility of the casing is designed to allow for the comparatively wide diameter of as much as 0.8 inches (or 20 mm) to be squeezed at various points, thereby heightening the tightness sensation inside the canal and the stimulation level of the inner textures.

The Fleshjack Sword canal is currently available only with a butt orifice. The butt opening has been specially designed for the triangularly shaped case and, unlike ordinary Fleshjack orifices, is ovally rather than circularly shaped with a relatively tight 0.1 inch (or 3 mm) diameter.

The initial passage of the Fleshjack Sword insert begins with a tight 0.4 inch (or 10 mm) canal with smooth sidewalls that extend to the first chamber measuring 1.4 inches (or 35 mm) in length with diameter of as much as 0.8 inches (or 20 mm). A constriction, located at the halfway point of the chamber, narrows the diameter to 0.6 inches (or 15 mm). The chamber's inner surface is covered with many tiny hemispheric-shaped bumps.

Next comes a 1.4 inch (or 35 mm) connection passage with an extremely distinctive texture of three cross ribs that narrow the diameter of the canal to 0.4 inches (or 10 mm). This is followed by the second chamber with the same dimensions as the initial chamber and is also covered with many tiny hemispheric-shaped bumps. Then comes another 1.4 inch (or 35 mm) connection passage with a cross-ribbed texture that extends to the third and final chamber. This last chamber is cone-shaped and is also covered with a tiny bumped texture. This chamber is roughly 1.4 inches (or 35 mm) long with a 0.8 inch (or 20 mm) diameter that is narrowed in the middle by a single cross rib.

As soon as you penetrate the Fleshjack Sword, you are greeted with an intense sensation of tightness thanks to the tight butt orifice and the tight 0.4 inch (or 10 mm) entry passage. When you reach the first chamber, the tightness decreases as the many tiny bumps work individually on the surface of the penis. Although the stimulation here is rather mild, you then notice the tightness sensation momentarily increase, brought about by the constriction of the canal.

You then come to the ribbed connection passage that provides a wonderful massage of the dick head as the individual cross ribs slide tightly over the head one after the next. As you pass through to the second chamber, you notice the tightness sensation again decrease a bit while the tiny bumps again gently massage the surface of the dick. Guys with an average sized dick of 5.9 inches (or 15 cm) will just be able to reach the following ribbed connection passage that again engulfs the penis one rib after the next.

Upon sliding in and out inside the canal, a non-stop alternation of tightness and wideness becomes apparent, enhanced by an intensive massage of the cross ribs of the connection passages. When penetrating deeply into the canal, you further feel the tight butt orifice engulfing the shaft of your penis.

You can squeeze the Fleshjack Sword in order to increase the tightness of the inner canal, a feature that provides you with considerable control over the degree of forcefulness with which the inner textures work on your dick. The large chambers in particular offer a great deal of variance for increasing the level of tightness. The fact that you can feel your dick through the masturbator makes it easy to locate the most preferred pressure points on the surface of the case. For example, it is especially pleasurable to squeeze only the back part of the canal and then to penetrate the second chamber which then becomes tighter and tighter towards the end while, at the same time, the backward cross ribs slide tighter and tighter over the head of your dick.

The Fleshjack Sword measures 7.3 inches (or 18.5 cm) in length and is thus shorter than the 9.0 inch (or 22.5 cm) long canals of ordinary Fleshjacks. With an average sized dick (5.9 inches or 15 cm), you easily reach the first two of the three chambers as well as the two tight connection passages. Unfortunately, the last chamber is unreachable.

The suction effect of the Fleshjack Sword is roughly average, thanks to the innovative construction of the soft and squeezable casing. Following some forward and backward movements, a fair amount of vacuum accumulates that further enhances the stimulation and that can be optimally adjusted.

The cleanup of the Sword is a bit involved, as a good deal of sperm and lube residues build up between the ribbed textures and inside the chambers. Drying takes a relatively long 4 to 6 hours.


The Fleshjack Sword offers greatly alternating stimulation with continuously varying degrees of tightness. The cross ribs of the tight passages connecting the chambers, in particular, bring about an enjoyably intense massage of the dick head. The ability to freely adjust the degree of tightness is a wonderful new feature, making it possible for you to experience the texture of the Fleshjack Sword in new and numerous ways while offering you the possibility of plenty fun with experimentation.


Intensity 7/10 Realism 5/10
Stimulation 8/10 Suction 6/10
Variation 10/10 Lube Use 7/10
Penetration 9/10 Cleanup 6/10
Tightness 8/10 Dry Time 5/10
Overall Rating