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Fleshbucks - Get up to 25% Off at Fleshjack.com

After placing an order at the official Fleshjack online shop Fleshjack.com (or Fleshjack-International.eu for European customers) and if, during the ordering process, you created a customer account for yourself, so-called Fleshbucks will be credited to your account.
(A description of account creation can be found here - Order FleshJacks).

You can save as much as 25% on your next Fleshjack order by applying these Fleshbucks when placing the order using the same customer account. One Fleshbuck is the equivalent of one EUR/USD and you can use as many Fleshbucks that render a savings of up to 25% on your next Fleshjack purchase.

How many Fleshbucks you earn depends on the amount of the respective order. You are credited one Fleshbuck for each full 10 EUR/USD of a placed order, meaning for example that if you make a purchase totaling 116.50 EUR/USD, your will be credited 11 Fleshbucks. The number of Fleshbucks you have earned will be listed in the order confirmation e-mail sent to you by the Fleshjack producer and will resemble the example depicted below.

Earned Fleshbucks

You can access your customer account at Fleshjack.com (or Fleshjack-International.eu for European customers) to find out the number of Fleshbucks you currently have available after you click the "Update Your Profile" link. You always have the choice to apply your accumulated Fleshbucks to your next purchase or to save them for use at a later date.

Current Fleshbucks Balance

How to Apply Fleshbucks to a Fleshjack Order

In order for you to use your earned Fleshbucks for your next Fleshjack purchase at Fleshjack.com, you need to log onto your personal customer account prior to placing the order. After you have put the new items into your shopping cart, press the "Proceed to Checkout" button. You will then be forwarded to the next page where you will find (along with your address info and the methods of shipping and payment) the blue-highlighted Fleshbucks field in the lower right of the window. An illustrative example is depicted below.

Fleshbucks Field

The field displays the number of Fleshbucks you can apply to the order (this depends on how many Fleshbucks you have earned and how many can be applied to render a maximum of 25% of the total amount of the order). In order for you to apply Fleshbucks to your order, you need to set the "Yes" option by clicking the circle to the right. If you prefer not to use any of your Fleshbucks at this time, leave the "No" setting as it is. Next, press the "Review Order" button and the "Review your Order" window pops up.

Fleshbucks Discount applied

Provided the process has run as it should, the Fleshbucks applied will be listed in your ordering details and the cost of your order will be decreased according to the number of Fleshbucks used. The picture above is provided as an example - here, the original total cost of $188.30 has been lowered, with the application of 47 Fleshbucks, to $141.30 (a discount of 25%).

The free shipping offer, which is valid for orders in excess of 80 EUR/100 USD, is not effected by any Fleshbucks discount. So, if the initial amount of your order is more than 80 EUR/100 USD and the Fleshbucks discount lowers it to under that amount, you still get free shipping.

And by the way, Fleshbucks can be combined with other special sales that are frequently offered by the Fleshjack producer at the company's official Fleshjack online shop.