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Fleshjack Vibro Touch Review

Review: Fleshjack Vibro Touch Texture

The Fleshjack Vibro inserts are unique among the Fleshjack product lines in that they have been developed so that they "vibrate". The inserts are designed with three pockets on the outside which can be fitted with up to 3 mini-vibrators (called Fleshlight Bullets) that make the case and insert vibrate, thus enhancing the overall masturbation session.

It takes a bit of preparation to equip the Fleshjack Vibro with the Fleshlight Bullets. First, you need to take the insert out of the case and then switch on each bullet by pressing the button at the top and then place the bullets into the side pockets of the insert. Once the bullets are switched on to vibrate, the insert is then returned to the case.

After completing the preparation process, your reward is a gently vibrating Fleshjack. The only drawback is that the little vibrators are not all that powerful and a significant part of the vibration is absorbed by the case and the insert. Roughly 50% of the vibrating power actually reaches the dick, resulting in a rather mild and subtle vibration. Still, the vibration effect does produce an extremely enjoyable sensation, intensifying the stimulation level but the vibration on its own is not enough to bring about ejaculation. Simply sticking your dick into the Vibro canal (without any thrusting movements) unfortunately is not sufficient.

As the vibrating bullets are located in the front part of the canal, they create significant tightening of the entrance of the canal. For guys with thicker dicks (more than 1.3 inches or 35 mm in diameter), penetration into the canal entrance is difficult. However, guys with average or smaller sized dicks can find this extra tightness quite enjoyable, especially if you like your butt-holes tight. But keep in mind, even if you have a relatively thick dick or if you like it a little looser, you can always remove a Fleshjack bullet or two, thus adjusting the degree of tightness to your liking.

Vibro Touch is the name of the inner texture of the Fleshjack Vibro and it is available only with the Pink Butt orifice. The diameter of the Vibro Touch insert canal measures a relatively wide 0.6-0.7 inches (or 15-18 mm). The inside of the canal contains a number of pin-shaped and long-stemmed bumps, protruding at 45 degree angles, that are positioned quite close to one another. The roughly 0.2 inch (or 5 mm) long bumps run through the entirety of the inner surface and point toward the rear of the canal.

Although the Fleshjack Vibro Touch texture canal is relatively loose, a comparatively high degree of counter pressure is applied on the dick surface because the amount of space taken up by the bumps results in a tightened canal. The many bumps surround the shaft of the dick and gently and pleasantly caress, stimulate and massage every millimeter of the penis surface they are able to grip.

Upon the backward movement, you notice this engulfing grip sensation increasing in intensity. Because the dick remains at a distance from the side walls of the canal at all times, a unique sensation becomes apparent that I could best describe as a very enjoyable "squishy feeling". Additionally, this fine stimulation is accompanied by a very distinctive suction effect.

The cleaning of the comparatively dense bump texture takes some time as a large amount of sperm and lube residues can gather between the various interstices. Drying takes a relatively long 5 to 7 hours and so it is advisable to shorten it by additional drying with paper toweling or by using a hair dryer (but nothing other than cool air!).


The Vibro Touch Fleshjack offers a very enjoyable "squishy" stimulation experience that is extremely pleasurable and completely unique. If you'd like to add an extra-special Fleshjack to your collection, it's worth considering the Vibro Touch texture. That said, do not expect too much from the vibration bullets - fitting them into the insert takes some time and the strength of vibration is rather low. However, I must say that the stimulation offered by the insert on its own, even without the vibration, is extremely enjoyable.


Intensity 7/10 Realism 4/10
Stimulation 8/10 Suction 7/10
Variation 6/10 Lube Use 4/10
Penetration 8/10 Cleanup 6/10
Tightness 7/10 Dry Time 4/10
Overall Rating