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Fleshjack Flight Pilot Review

Review: Fleshjack Flight Pilot with Mini-Destroya Texture

The Fleshjack Flight, like the Fleshjack Sword and Sex in a Can product series, is a variation on the ordinary Fleshjack. The underlying concept - the placement of a silky smooth and soft insert in hard plastic casing - stays the same with the Fleshjack Flight. The big difference lies in the size: The case and the insert of the Fleshjack Flight is significantly shorter than that of the classic Fleshjack.

The case of the ordinary Fleshjack measures 9.8 inches (or 25 cm) in length compared to the 7.5 inches (or 19 cm) of the Fleshjack Flight while the insert of the original is 8.8 inches (or 22.5 cm) long compared to the 6.7 inches (17 cm) of the new Fleshjack Flight. Similarly, the diameter of the Fleshjack Flight is also smaller, measuring just 2.8 inches (or 7 cm) as opposed to the 3.9 inches (or 10 cm) of the classic Fleshjack. All in all, the measurements of the Flight are very comparable to those of the Sex in a Can product line and in fact the insert of the Fleshjack Flight fits quite nicely into the case of a Sex in a Can.

Thanks to its smaller dimensions, the Fleshjack Flight is considerably easier to handle than an ordinary Fleshjack and is significantly lighter, weighing just 0.78 lbs (or 355 g) compared to the 1.23 lbs (or 560 g) of the original Fleshjack. And this is the whole idea behind the Fleshjack Flight - this masturbator has been developed and designed principally to be a discrete travel companion. With that in mind, the outer part of the insert as well as the casing have been designed to be as inconspicuous as possible. If you've found the classic Fleshjack products a bit too bulky to take on the road, the Fleshjack Flight makes a great alternative - it is easy to pack and, most importantly, its inconspicuous design won't attract any unwanted attention.

The Fleshjack Flight insert, like that of the Fleshjack Ice product line, is transparent with no pigmentation-like coloring. The orifice of the Fleshjack Flight has been intentionally designed to be as discrete as possible, which is why the opening is swirl-like in appearance as opposed to the typical butt-shaped opening of the classic Fleshjack. The masturbator as been named "Flight by Fleshjack" because the look of the swirl-like opening resembles an airplane turbine. Penetration into the new Flight is quite easy thanks to the comparatively wide 0.4 inches (or 10 mm) diameter of the entry opening that also makes the Flight ideal for hands-free masturbation sessions.

When designing the new case, the producer ILF came up with a slim and contemporary-looking cone shape instead of the usual flashlight shape of the classic Fleshjack. Like the original Fleshjack, the Flight case has a removable screw cap at the front and one at the back. The front cap is designed to protect the opening against dirt, dust and other such elements while the cap at the rear, as always, is used to regulate the amount of vacuum in the inner canal. This is enhanced by the four air holes located at the back thread of the casing. Although these air holes are slightly smaller than the air holes in the classic Fleshjack, they are fully sufficient. Although the slant shape of the back cap is certainly visually appealing, it renders it impossible to stand the Fleshjack Flight up on its backside, which can be a bit of a problem during cleanup.

Unlike the case of an ordinary Fleshjack, the all-new Flight case doesn't have any finger grooves but rather the surface is covered with many small dimples. Unexpectedly, the lack of finger grooves does not hinder handling because the dimpled non-smooth surface assures an ideal grip, even if you have lube on your hands. It's kind of a shame that currently the Flight case is only available in opaque black - a transparent Flight version would be nice because you would be able to look at your dick through the casing and transparent insert. Let's hope that Fleshjack Flights with transparent casing will be introduced in the future.

Fleshjack Flight Pilot Review

With respect to the inner canal, the producer utilized a compact version of the best and most stimulating Fleshlight texture to date - the Destroya texture - with a couple modifications. (Unfortunately, the Destroya canal is not available in the Fleshjack Boys product line because it is the exclusive texture of Fleshlight Girl Stoya).

The entry canal of the Mini-Destroya texture is 0.8 inches (or 2 cm) shorter than that of the Destroya and so the multi-chamber system of the Flight is further to the front than that in the original. Additionally, the lightly ribbed back chamber of the Mini-Destroya is straight and cylindrical in shape instead of the funnel shape of the one it was modeled after. Otherwise, the arrangement, type and size of the bumps along with the measurements of the other chambers remain the same as in the classic Destroya canal.

The Mini-Destroya canal in practice offers all of the enjoyment and variety of the "stimulation explosion" provided by the original Destroya canal. The spike-like but wonderfully soft bumps of the front sphere-shaped chamber provide upon penetration many pleasurable point-by-point stimulations to the dick head from all possible directions. A distinctively noticeable tightness sensation then emerges at the constriction to the next chamber. The dick head then enters a wonderfully stimulating "sea of bumps", each of which bends as you thrust through and swirl all around the dick head with extremely high frequency.

When reaching the ribbed back chamber, the intensity subsides a bit as the dick head is comparatively gently stimulated. This makes for an excellent and welcomed contrast to the super-strong stimulation in the front canal, which then impacts the dick again on the backward movement. The suction effect of the Flight's Mini-Destroya texture, due to the shortened length of the canal, is a tad weaker than in the classic Destroya canal but is still very noticeable and completely enjoyable.

Upon thrusting back and forth, pleasurable stimulation is created that swings between all imaginable extremes - from diversely strong impacting point-by-point stimulations from every direction to constantly changing degrees of tightness to smooth and gentle stimulations. This all leads you quickly and effectively to a very heavy orgasm. Because of this, the Mini-Destroya texture is certainly not for those of you who prefer lengthy masturbation sessions and is rather designed for maximally stimulating quickies.

All in all, the stimulation created inside the Mini-Destroya canal is even more intense than inside the original Destroya canal. Due to the smaller air chambers and the decreased diameter of the insert and the case, the counter pressure created in the Mini-Destroya canal is stronger than in the classic Destroya canal, offering increased tightness and better noticeably of the textural elements. On the other hand, the considerably decreased inner canal expansion results in a less realistic feeling and somewhat more "synthetic" stimulation than inside the classic Destroya canal.

Thanks to the relative shortness of the Mini-Destroya canal, guys with average-sized dicks (5.9 inches or 15 cm) are able to reach all of the textural elements and canal parts. Guys with shorter dicks (of 3 inches or 8 cm and up) are certainly well advised to consider the Mini-Destroya canal, which is able to provide them with a very gratifying masturbation experience. However, guys with dicks of 6.3 inches (16 cm) and longer should definitely go with the ordinary Fleshjack (I would recommend the Bliss or Scorpio texture.) because the canal of the Mini-Destroya would prove too tight and too short.

The cleanup of the chambers and interstices of the Mini-Destroya is a bit tedious and drying takes a comparatively long 3 to 5 hours. The material of the insert, like that of the Fleshjack Ice, is transparent and without pigmentation color and so it becomes slightly stickier following cleaning than typical colored Fleshjack inserts. For this reason, it is advisable to apply either Fleshjack Renewing Powder or 100% pure talcum powder to the Mini-Destroya insert after each cleaning so as to remove the stickiness and renew the insert's silky softness.


The inconspicuous appearance, compact size, light weight and outstanding stimulation combine to make the Fleshjack Flight the perfect travel companion for enjoying a quickie while on the road. However, a quickie is all you can really expect from the Flight because the powerful stimulation makes it difficult to hold out for long. The Flight's Mini-Destroya texture is especially recommended for guys with a dick length of 3 to 6.3 inches (or 8 to 16 cm) because they are able to get all of the pure enjoyment that the Flight has to offer. On the other hand, if your dick is longer than 6.3 inches (or 16 cm) or if you prefer a more realistic feeling, you are better off going with the ordinary Fleshjack Bliss or Scorpio.


Intensity 10/10 Realism 3/10
Stimulation 10/10 Suction 9/10
Variation 10/10 Lube Use 8/10
Penetration 9/10 Cleanup 6/10
Tightness 10/10 Dry Time 5/10
Overall Rating